Author: Chris

This is why you should shop at stores that have been breached

Target. Home Depot. TJ Maxx. Marshalls. What do these businesses all have in common? They were all breached. Like really, really badly breached. Millions upon millions of credit card numbers stolen, countless headlines and bad press. These stores have been put through the ringer, and rightly so. Customer personal information is a treasured commodity nowadays, both for the stores that process the… Read more →

God Loves Systems

I have a lifelong fascination with systems. They are everywhere and oftentimes overlooked. From the simplest of systems that we use every day like a coffee maker or an electric toothbrush, to the highly complex systems that propel my vehicle down the freeway every morning, I personally love the technical characteristics and challenges that naturally come along with using them. And while those challenges can… Read more →

Owen Our Comedian and Wordsmith

Owen is our lovely comedian of the family and an aspiring wordsmith. He loves making up his own words. So much so that I keep an evernote of his many phrases and sayings. They have given us quite a few chuckles over the years. Here is a sampling of them, starting from when he was around two: Maminomas (You’re making me nervous!)… Read more →

The Nature of Gods Love

I love this song. It touches on the wonderful nature of Gods love. It’s everyday because it’s always there. It’s familiar. It’s constant. It’s something you can count on. I love being reminded of how available the love of God is. “Every morning I’m in it.. Every evening I’m in it”. These reminders never get old! I have a feeling that throughout eternity… Read more →

VidAngel Movie Streaming Review

Our family loves movies. Darcey is the romantic comedy type and I like a good thriller. Finding movies that line up with our family values can be a challenge at times, especially with what Hollywood can spew out. Enter Vidangel, a fairly new service for those who want to enjoy what Hollywood has to offer and yet remain in control of what you watch. Want to see a R-rated movie but don’t want to hear… Read more →

Stop and Smell the Roses

Life is designed to be rich. Chocolate on chocolate dove bar rich. Decadent truffle dessert rich. God designed it that way. The problem is, if you’re anything like me, you have a hard time naturally enjoying that richness. It’s something about the way I’m wired. The term “stop and smell the roses” is a bit foreign to me because I’m usually a mile… Read more →

About Time

Rarely does a movie spark the genuine reaction of “Wow, that was incredibly good!” out of me. The last time I remember reacting this way to a film was with Good Will Hunting back in the 90’s. Good Will Hunting, to me, had an excellent story. About Time is right up there with it. We watched it on vidangel due to its R rating ($2 VidAngel – About Time). The… Read more →

Clinton Emails – What about IT?

With all of the recent controversy surrounding Clinton’s email server, I have yet to hear the question – what about IT? I have spent 12 years of my career in IT management. Every one of those years has been spent in the financial sector working at a bank or a credit union. In banking, depending on the size of the institution you work for, the FDIC… Read more →

Lions and Babies

Cecil the Lion. Thousands of media & news articles out there right now. Internet outrage, memorials covering the final photographs of the beloved animal and countless social media and celebrity reactions surrounding it’s death. This is a BIG deal. Bad dentist. I love lions, they are great, but allow me to shift gears to a 24 week old human child… Read more →