About Time

about_time_filmRarely does a movie spark the genuine reaction of “Wow, that was incredibly good!” out of me. The last time I remember reacting this way to a film was with Good Will Hunting back in the 90’s. Good Will Hunting, to me, had an excellent story. About Time is right up there with it. We watched it on vidangel due to its R rating ($2 VidAngel – About Time).

The movie touches on the importance of every moment of every day, and living and experiencing each moment to its fullest. The main character is told on his 21st birthday that the males in his family all have the ability to travel back in time. The movie centers around multiple experiences in his life where he uses this ability, and how his choices affect him and those close to him.

This got me thinking about the moments that are given to me and how I use them. God created time to run sequentially, there are no rewinds or redos. Each moment is here and gone. Last Saturday (for example) was a fantastic day, and most of it I would not want to redo, but there are several moments that I probably would if given the chance.

What are the moments that I did right? Quality time with Darcey in the morning. Climbing trees at Nana’s house with the boys. Playing and roughhousing with them and pranking each other by sticking ice cubes down our pants until we laughed so hard our sides hurt. Those moments I did right, and even given the chance to go back I wouldn’t. They were perfect in every way.

Other moments were not as good. Two that immediately come to mind are quickly answering a default “no” to the boys without taking a second to think about my response first and speeding a little too much in turbo (my volvo) while racing Darcey and Owen home from dinner. In hindsight those moments could have been done differently, each for different reasons!

I think the trick is to do each moment well. To do each moment like it matters and has worth and immense value.

My prayer? God, help me to value my moments more. Help me to live them to their fullest. Help me to utilize my senses in each moment. I want to taste the moment, see (really see) the moment, hear and feel the moment. Good or bad. Boring or exciting. I want to live better.

Heaven places immense value on each and every moment on this earth. I need to also.