Owen Our Comedian and Wordsmith

Owen_thumbsupOwen is our lovely comedian of the family and an aspiring wordsmith. He loves making up his own words. So much so that I keep an evernote of his many phrases and sayings. They have given us quite a few chuckles over the years.

Here is a sampling of them, starting from when he was around two:

  • Maminomas (You’re making me nervous!)
  • She-Skaboo-ba
  • AffaIgadundun  (After I get done)
  • Jay-gis (That’s so Jaygis! We have no idea what this means)
  • Rock ya bay-bay!
  • Super Power Skunk Butt (Name of his amazing super power. Can you imagine what it is?)
  • Doctor Gabedo (Name of Owens bike)
  • I couldn’t have done it without me!
  • Cheese and Whiskers!
  • Ahoy! (Used in normal sentences randomly. All of the time)
  • Symo (Adjective, substituted for “cool”. I.e Daddy, you are Symo)
  • Wowser pancakes! (one of our favorites!)

Here’s a video of him last night. He was begging me to take a video of him “translating” words into different languages. Greetings, greetings!


And here’s one of our favorite videos of Owen when he was 4 years old. This is him teaching me his “Fee Fi Fum” song. We submitted this one to AFHV!


In-house entertainment at it’s finest!