VidAngel Movie Streaming Review

Our family loves movies. Darcey is the romantic comedy type and I like a good thriller. Finding movies that line up with our family values can be a challenge at times, especially with what Hollywood can spew out. Enter Vidangel, a fairly new service for those who want to enjoy what Hollywood has to offer and yet remain in control of what you watch.

Want to see a R-rated movie but don’t want to hear 100 F bombs? Filter out swear words. Want to watch an action flick but get squeamish when heads get blown off? Filter out graphic violence. Love chick flicks but don’t approve of the bedroom scenes? Filter out nudity. Vidangel puts YOU in control of what you want to watch, not Hollywood.

Vidangel has all the latest movies, including new releases. When a movie is rented you are presented with options to filter out content. Filters can be tailored for a specific movie or also set the same for every movie you watch in your account.



HD movies are $2 to stream and SD movies are $1, which is cheaper than other streaming services out there. The service works by using a process called “Sell Back” in which you pay $20 for the movie up front, and after you are done watching it you sell it back. If you sell it back within 24 hours you end up paying $2 (for HD) and the remaining balance stays available in your account.

Vidangel supports most devices out there, including Roku, Chromecast, AppleTV and Mobile & PC platforms. The company is growing and the service has become impressively good over the last year. It is now our go-to service for streaming movies for ourselves and even the kids. There is a good selection of Disney, Pixar and Dreamworks movies available. We usually stream the kid films in SD for $1, as they aren’t old enough to care about HD yet.

Technically Vidangel works great and comes highly recommended from our family to yours!