Tag: Spirituality

The Nature of Gods Love

I love this song. It touches on the wonderful nature of Gods love. It’s everyday because it’s always there. It’s familiar. It’s constant. It’s something you can count on. I love being reminded of how available the love of God is. “Every morning I’m in it.. Every evening I’m in it”. These reminders never get old! I have a feeling that throughout eternity… Read more →

About Time

Rarely does a movie spark the genuine reaction of “Wow, that was incredibly good!” out of me. The last time I remember reacting this way to a film was with Good Will Hunting back in the 90’s. Good Will Hunting, to me, had an excellent story. About Time is right up there with it. We watched it on vidangel due to its R rating ($2 VidAngel – About Time). The… Read more →